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US-Africa Diaspora Business Council (US-ADBC)
Advancing US-African Diaspora Business Development and US-Africa Trade

US-ADBC is conceived and developed to provide information, build capacity and developmental infrastructure of the growing US-African diaspora business community.


  • The growing US Africa diaspora businesses it production, marketing,  distribution infrastructure, and its purchasing / investment power can directly contribute to the economic development of small enterprises in Africa, with impact to the US - Africa trade relations. 

  • The US-African diaspora business community could open opportunity for US businesses that have potential and interest to enter the emerging African market. This will encourage US businesses and maximizes investment opportunities. 

  • US-African diaspora is well positioned and highly motivated to provide leadership and grow the US-Africa investment and transfer of knowledge and appropriate US technology to Africa.

  • Facilitate a dialog between African diaspora businesses and County, Sate and Federal economic development and US-Africa trade/investment related agencies

  • Foster a dialogue between the African diaspora business community and US Business with potential and interest to enter the merging African market.

  • Celebrate the growth US-African diaspora business in the US and recognize and profile successful US-African diaspora businesses leaders.

Organizations, Production and Marketing Team

Organizing Team (Development and Promotion)

     Tebabu Assefa 

     Yonatan Zelalem

     Sara Mussie – Forum planning
     John Manirakiza -Diplomatic Liasion

     Mimi Hassanein – Adviser
     Mhretab Tewolde 

     Heran Getachew - Entrepreneurship Development

     Betel Dejene – Intern

     Yared Tebabu - Intern

     Helina Tebabu - Intern 

Creative & Production (Writer, Video & Graphic Designer)

     Awot Daniel - Writer/Editor
     Nina Oduro - Writer/Editor    

     Mebrahtu Germai – Creative Coordinator

     Younes Rhiwi – Web Development

     Beemnet Goitom – Video Editor and Motion Graphics

Advisors, Professional Consultants & Agents 

    Suresh K. Gupta, MD PA - Adviser 

    Christopher King, King Connection - Development/Marketing

    Christopher Macrae - Youth Programs    

    Masai McDougail – Legal

    Kimberley Jutze - Marketing
    Mimi Hassanein - Adviser

    Wolanssa Getachew - Accounting

    Mesfun Teklemariam - MPLS, MN  

    Ashenafi Girma (Getenet) - Representative, Ethiopia 
    Samuel Suraphel - Tech Developmer/E-learning  
    Deborah Thornton - Certified Professional Co-Active Coach


Government relations 

   Terry Seamens - Maryland Launchpad     


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